TypingMaster Pro 7.01.794 - Rèn luyện kỹ năng đánh máy

* Versatile Study Material:
- Five comprehensive courses:
The five typing courses cover the whole keyboard - including special marks, numeric keypad - and help you to accelerate your typing speed.
- Multi-form exercises:
The visual keyboard drills, timed texts, games and dynamic reviews will get you in the flow and keep you engaged.

* Following Your Progress:

- Advanced feedback and tips:
Get instructive feedback on your progress and difficulties as well as personal learning tips.
- Professional typing tests:
Test your typing speed with a professional timed tests and view your results with a detailed report.
- Illustrated statistics
Follow your progress with graphical long-term statistics.

* Optimal Learning:
- Optimized duration:
The duration of each exercise is based on your progress in accuracy and speed.
- Personal accuracy goal:
Set a personal accuracy goal level for the entire course.
- Smart review:
Let TypingMaster keep track of your problem keys and help you improve your skills with personalized review exercises.
- TypingMaster Satellite:
Let the Satellite analyze your typing in other programs for tailored training and typing statistics.

* Additional Features:
- Support for multiple users:
Multiple users can easily improve with TypingMaster using the personal study profiles.
- QuickPhrase typing tool:
Store frequently used text snippets and paste them to any application with a few clicks.

* What's New in This Release:
- Personal goals for training
- Optimized duration based on user progress
- More detailed reports and extensive feedback
- New course material
- Entirely redesigned for better user experience
- Several enhancements for better usability and performance.

* Những công dụng chủ yếu của TypingMaster Pro:
- Đánh máy nhanh gấp 4 lần.
- Loại trừ lỗi ký tự.
- Tiết kiệm thời gian.
- Giảm độ mệt mỏi của ngón tay, cổ, cánh tay….
- Giúp tập trung với suy nghĩ của bạn.


1. Install Software
2. After Install Don't Start Program
3. Copy & Replace Crack Into ("C:\Program Files\TypingMaster" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\TypingMaster")
4. Done!!!

Pass: vungtroitinhoc.com